The Caribbean Design Award competition 

The CDA is the prize for high design quality. 
The international jury only awards this sought after seal of quality, to projects that set themselves apart 
significantly, from comparable projects, thanks to their excellent design.

CDA Honorable Mention ECO
CDA Honorable Mention ECO title is provided by the CDA jurors for a particularly well executed aspect 
of design work in ECO. 
Project which impress with a well thought out ECO solution are awarded this Honorable mention.

CDA Best of the Best
CDA Best of the Best is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the top prize in the CDA. 
This prize is reserved for the best project. 

Michael Strzalkowski "Scrim", the designer of the sculpture for the Caribbean Design Award.

A unique piece of art.

To read more about Michael Strzalkowski click here

Terms of competition
Entry rules Architects, Interior Designers and Product Designers from the Caribbean region, are invited to participate in the Caribbean Design Award 2018. 

The Caribbean Design Award Board has decided to implement changes to the regulatory framework for the affected islands from the hurricane IRMA.

For projects notified to the competition from affected areas, images from the objects taken before the hurricane are enough to participate, as the hurricane has damaged existing properties significantly.

Architectural Design 2018.

To be eligible for registration, admission is demanded on the project be finished latest by 1 June 2018. 
The project can be a complete building, part of a building or several buildings. 
The person, design team or Company attending to the competition must be registered in the Caribbean region
and agree to the General Terms and Conditions.

Interior Design 2018.
To be eligible for registration, admission is demanded on the project be finished latest by 1 June 2018. 
The project can be a complete interior, part of an interior or a complete interior concept. 
The person, design team or Company attending to the competition must be registered in the Caribbean region
and agree to the General Terms and Conditions.

Product Design 2018.

To be eligible for registration, admission is demanded on the product be finished latest by 1 June 2018. 
The product must be physical and ready for production. 
The person, design team or Company attending to the competition must be registered in the Caribbean region
and agree to the General Terms and Conditions.

The registration fees for the Caribbean Design Award 2018 include the logistic processing as well as the high quality printed presentation of the projects submitted for judging. 
The projects will only be judged on CDA location. 

Registration fee:

150 USD/ submission.

The registration fee for CDA 2018 is sponsored by Across Agency.

This means that the registration is free of charge for the Caribbean Design Award 2018. 

Registration of the project
The project can only be registered online in the My CDA portal.

Advice: Our communication during and after registration is mainly via the exchange of e-mails, therefore, please state a personal e-mail address as contact window (if possible no general info e-mail addresses etc.). 
Please make sure of checking your spam folder and mail server for detoured and blocked CDA e-mails. 
You have the option to complete your registration without uploading images and entering a description text. 
Please take note, however, that the registration must be completed by the end of the registration phase latest on 30 06 2018.

Important! The images and texts are intended for both the jury session and the poster production in case of receiving an award. 
Thus please remember to upload both within the deadline. 
You are not allowed to put company name or logos on images!

Mandatory information in order to finalize the registration are: 
Details on the project (all details must be provided in English) 

Need help with translation to English? contact our partner Aetlia for more information.
Details of designer, design team or company. 
The information must be completed latest on 30 06 2018, The registration portal closes afterwards.
Please keep in mind that changes are not possible after this deadline.  
Upload five to ten images of the project as EPS-, TIF- or JPG-Format in CMYK, 300 dpi in size DIN USA Letter.
Against a fee you can get professional photos taken by CDA, contact for more information.

Description text about the project / product (at least 500 characters, no more the 1200 characters.) 

One project / product registration per entry fee, no limit on project / product registrations.

Projects has to be located in the Caribbean Islands to be eligible for registration, admission is demanded on the 
project / product be finished at the latest by 30 06 2018.
The person, design team or Company attending to the competition must be registration in the Caribbean region.

In case of receiving an award, your details may be published by our communications department already 
before the poster production. Therefore, please ensure that all details (e.g. project and company names) are correct and could be published after completion of the registration process.

No CDA employee or jury member can enter his/her own projects or collaborative projects in a year in which he/she is a CDA juror. 
This allows us to guarantee a neutral selection process.

During the process, projects / products that are chosen for nominee gets the label sent out directly for use. 

CDA jury final session is made 15 07 2018, at 15 08 2018 winners will be inform of the result via e-mail. 

Projects that are chosen for winners get the winners label* sent out directly to use. 

* The winner label
Awarding a project with the CDA always marks the beginning of a whole range of PR and marketing measures.  
CDA’s activities are flanked by the multifaceted media and advertising activities of the prize winners, who use the CDA label prominently as a seal of quality an advantage reserved exclusively for competition winners. 
Thanks to its striking appearance alone, using the label generates the most attention possible for any project 
bearing the CDA seal. Whether it is used as a stamp on the packaging or in high quality advertising campaigns
a high level of recognition is guaranteed! We encounter the CDA label on websites as well as in magazines, brochures and catalogues. The CDA label contributes to raising the level of awareness of a project immensely and ensuring that a brand is associated with excellent design quality in the long term.

The CDA public relations work begin on 15 08 2018, the CDA communications department will distribute an 
international press release on the main results of the competition that will receive major media attention. 
Winners communicate their successes additionally, winners can send out a press release regarding their successes.
In 15 08 2018, a newsletter will be available for download, which laureates can adapt to their project / product

or corporate identity. 
Laureates are of course free to use their own press texts and layouts. 
In addition, journalists from all around the world will receive information and pictures of award winning projects from their subject areas throughout the year. 
Individual media requests regarding the award winners will be answered directly and in an uncomplicated way. 

The CDA channels keep companies, designers and design fans up to date.
Media partnerships distinguished media partnerships enhance public relations work: In addition to editorial coverage, many magazines offers the winners advertising space at attractive rates.  
Internationally the design competition works closely with International magazines.

Caribbean Design Award Gala
In October, 2018 year’s winners will be celebrated at the CDA Winners Gala in Antigua! 
The award ceremony “Caribbean Design Award Gala” is the final celebration to highlight the closure of the competition. 
All prizewinners of the CDA receiving their CDA Trophy on stage will be in the presence of guests from all over 
the world, including design stars, media representatives, business experts, and political figures.
Winners of the Caribbean Design Award with their guests, as well as guest of honor from businesses, politics, and media, will enjoy catering by one of the most prominent chefs in Caribbean and crew, during an exquisite meal and conversations that can be deepened and make valuable contacts.

Special rates from our partners on travel and hotel bookings.