Max Fernadez

Erik Nissen Johansen

Ralph Choeff

Jason F.McLennan

Farida Abu-Bakare

The Jury 
The heart of the Caribbean Design Award is its jury. 
With their specialist knowledge, experts from around the world guarantee the high quality standards

and thus the value of the CDA seal. 
While the setup of the jury changes annually, one element remains the same: all members commit to 
the “Code of Honor”, which states that jurors cannot participate in the adjudication of projects they were 
involved in any way. 
In addition, no juror can be employed by an industrial manufacturing company. 
This prevents conflicts of interest and ensures the highest possible degree of fairness and neutrality.
In an evaluation process lasting several days, the international experts, discuss and assess every single entry 
without a preselection.

Patti Carpenter

Kaj Ransvi

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